What Inspires Us: Malachite and Emeralds

As jewelry designers, we always need to be at the forefront of trends.  Fashion, home decor and our New York City neighborhood are often our muse... and recently we have been wonderfully inspired by deep, luxe emerald, and the green gradients of malachite found in all three. 

Take a peek at this board we recently designed for a custom jewelry client looking to gift his girlfriend - she was a fashion-loving New York City girl, and {like us!} adored deep greens.  The end result was this beautiful, custom cocktail ring in ombre shades of topaz, peridot and diamonds.

Are you looking for a beautiful, one of a kind piece of jewelry?  Let us help put your vision to life with our expert eye for design and generations of relationships in the NYC diamond district.  Schedule a consultation to learn how simple our start to finish process is for creating heirloom jewelry that will be adored for years to come.