Back to School: DIY Lunch Bags

Back to school kids!!!! We love these DIY lunch bags... be a trend setter!!! 

DIY Printable Lunch Bags | Julep <---- click here to go to full post

• White paper lunch bags or favor bags
• Downloadable lunch-bag design templates: one, two, and three
• Painter’s tape
• Printer
• Standard printer paper (optional, may be needed for some printer types)



1. First, make sure you have the templates downloaded; these sizes work for both lunch and favor bags.

2. Place painter’s tape across the bottom fold of the bag to make sure the paper feeds through the printer easily without getting jammed.

3. For top-feeding printers, place the paper bag with the taped side away from you. For bottom-feeding printers, place the taped side of the bag up, then print according to your printer’s settings using the “fit to page” mode for lunch bags and specific set dimensions of 3.5″ x 6.75″ for the favor bags. If you have any trouble printing the smaller-size bags, tape them to a sheet of plain printer paper instead of sending them through on their own.